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Nope, not a new episode (hassle Conrad here) , but for those of you hungry for more Black Sand episodes, head over to the old blog for links to six episodes from 2005! Check it out!

We're back at last with a new episode...Greg from Time Machine Records came by with a clutch of private press lps - some xian (& krishna) folk, what sounds like a smacked out Hendrix tribute, and lots more...despite the convoluted process of cueing up songs without the dj mixer (somehow it took all three of us), the whole thing came together pretty well, and only went 20 minutes over time...if you don't see a playlist down there, it's because I haven't made it yet... hope you dig it...

Lots of proper names this time: Dennis Olivieri, Freddy Lindquist, David Welsh, Steve Hayes, John Wonderling, Viva La Musica (with a nutso version of "Popcorn"), Right Of Little Rest, etc.

Greg is feeling a little under the weather, so we didn't record a show the other night...I figured I shouldn't leave you guys high & dry, so here's a repeat of the Halloween show from way back in aught five...long time listeners - or folks that have the Black Sand Archives Vol. 1 - have probably heard this (John & Troels, I'm looking in your direction)...But if not, prepare for a journey back in time, to the creepy and annoying basement studios of WXOJ-LP... We'll be back soon with a new episode, promise... Playlist

Jesus, we weren't really planning to take the summer & part of the
fall off, but we've been kinda busy over here, I guess. Let's see,
last show was in June, then there was the Festival Of Endless Gratitude up
in Brattleboro VT, held in honor of BS listener extraordinaire,
Troels. Conrad & I both did double duty; I played as Red
Favorite & with Sephiroth, Conrad with Tarp & Sunburned. It was
great to meet Troels finally, and an awesome way to spend my
birthday (belated presents are welcome). Check out some pics here. I think there's some more of Conrad in there somewhere to add to your collection, desktop wallpaper, etc. Cappy was also in The Wire a couple or three issues back, dude is everywhere!

Then, I don't really remember what happened...oh yeah, Conrad's
turntable belt broke, and as far as I know he still hasn't bought a
new one...busy doing photo shoots I guess...so the next show should
be sometime this weekend, special guest will be Greg from Time Machine Records,
the record store we've been plugging on the show last couple times
out. Greg was a guest on Black Sand back in the VFR days (shudder),
and brought some ridiculous sides, this time should be no
different. That Merv Griffin LSD track still haunts my dreams...

So, that's about it...here's a shot of the lovely wood paneled
Black Sand studio (where all the magic happens), and the record
"wall of shame".

Another tightly paced episode of Black Sand...I think this one runs about 2 hours & 20 minutes, most of it spent trying to pronounce "Swlabr". But if you don't have anything better to do with your time, here's your ticket.... Artists: The Smack, Hero, Alain Markusfeld, Blo, Phillipe Besombes, The Spikedrivers, The Medium etc. Playlist

An episode with a message: don't do everything rock stars tell you to. I know I learned something, maybe you will too...

Artists: Art Fleury (pictured), Baby Grandmothers, Saddhu Brand, Witch, Incredible Hog, etc.



Back with another dose of B.S...I know I promised to fix the playlist links last time, but I promise a lot of things. Might as well get used to being disappointed for now...just listen to our detailed and accurate descriptions in between sets for all the relevant info...

Artists: Zarpa, Horton, People's Victory Orchestra & Chorus, Deuter, Alceu Valenca, etc.



...the playlist links that is. Not sure how it happened, but it looks like the Red Favorite domain name (the website where I stored all the playlists) might have expired, and was possibly purchased by a reseller. Or I might just be an idiot. Either way, I'll have it straightened out soonish, but until then, no playlists. Time to huff some spray paint & forget about the whole thing...

NOTE: THIS EPISODE IS NOW OFFLINE OK, here's the first episode recorded in my home studio, and things went surprisingly well, despite Conrad almost knocking his beer into his lap while ejecting a cd (twice)....gotta say it does feel weird not giving out the phone number or having to do station i.d.'s , but the positive benefits of doing the show at home are becoming readily apparent ....*belch*... Artists: Joe Rosanova & The Vineyard (pictured), Besombes/Rizet, Vulcan, Maximillian, Butterfingers, Nurt, The Peace,etc. Playlist

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